KISS Communications Fundraiser Begins

CUE Streaming Fundraiser Original Video Promo
Show Transcript

K.I.S.S. Communications has received a very special fundraising opportunity that may help your household budget, while also providing additional funds for equipment and related expenses for K.I.S.S. Communications. 

A brand new television service platform named CUE Streaming wants to partner with us. CUE Streaming offers more than 3,000 channels including Spanish networks and streams... video on demand... one very reasonably low rate for all channels... no contracts... up to 5 devices, and more... and soon, you will find K.I.S.S. TV programs available on CUE Streaming, as well.

CUE Streaming promises to donate a portion of every monthly subscription to K.I.S.S. Communications when you sign-up through our special link. To learn more about how you may save tens of dollars or more for your TV viewing costs each month, what channel options are included, find our subscription link, and help K.I.S.S. Communications, please click on this link. Thank you!