UC Junior Plans A Career in Podcasting

 We are live on the airwaves at Union City, Indiana High School and the KISS TV studios. Michael, a junior, has a passion for branching out from the norm and starting his own podcast business. Today that dream has become reality and his first broadcast is in the books.


His format is designed to cover topics that students deal with and have questions about in day to day life by reaching his chosen demographic. While some of the topics may or may not be covered in the mainstream media he does not feel his peers can always relate in the manner it is delivered. Also, there is the fact that most rarely turn on the news but rely on social media for information. 


 In his first podcast it included how teenagers deal with racism and certain groups that have perhaps made the situation worse rather than finding solutions. Also in this episode, not only the peer pressures of alcohol but the poor examples that some adults display and is this the right time to bring back some type of prohibition. 


 Those who watch the podcast have the opportunity to participate and share their opinions whether they agree or not. This gives them a format to have conversations that may lead to a mutual understanding. Way to go Mikey and we are all so proud of you for making a difference.